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Send Bulk SMS to all Nigerian networks at N2.00 per sms through the Nigerian Cheapest online Bulksms and customized test messaging With, everyone can now affordably and cheaply send customized and personalized online text messages and bulk SMS to all GSM numbers from any of the mobile GSM operator networks in Nigeria and over 470 other networks around the world for as low as N2 per Text message. uses one of the world's best and premium SMS gateway and provider : You can pay us directly in Naira, in our Finbank's and Afribank's account


Our Uniqueness in online Bulk SMS messaging business!

There are lots of reason why any one would readily agree that we are quite unique in the bulk sms business. So its not an overstatement to say that we stand out remarkably amongst other competing Online Bulk SMS service providers. Here are few of the many reason why we are Unique.

  • is the only Nigerian SMS website where anyone can purchase less than 100 units for as low as N3 per SMS unit.  Even though most competing site would advertise as low as 2.00, 2.1, 1.55, 1.50 or even N1 per sms, users are usually required to get purchase an impossible amount of sms to enjoy this rates. Our pricing spans through N1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.4,2.6 and 3.0 Naira.You can see our detailed price lists here>>.
  • is the only Nigerian SMS website where your text can be sent to your predetermined audience without your having to connect to the internet. We are proud to be the first to introduce the OFFLINE BULK SMS SENDING package.....Read More>>
  • is the only Nigerian SMS website that gives out regular free SMS credit units to members every week. In a bid to reward....Read More>>
  • is the only Nigerian Website that rewards its members for refering new members to enjoy our bulk sms platform....Read More>>

There are other unique features of our system that helps guarantee a flexible and comforting experience while on our user friendly online platform. At least;

  • You can schedule your text messages to be delivered at a later day or time.
  • Your duplicate gsm number will be removed before messages are sent out.
  • You can upload your contacts into our system and also save them for future use.
  • You will get an instant delivery report once all the bulk sms sent from our platform has been completely delivered.
  • You can transfer sms credits to your friends and colleages using our online platform
  • and you will be better off sending all your bulk sms with


Sending SMS from Our platform when not connected to the internet! is proud to introduce the offline bulk SMS sending package. With this package, you dont need to be online before sending your messages to your contacts. All you need do is to send us a copy of the message and we will help you send it to the already predetermined recipients.

If you wish to partake in this package, you would be required to send us (sms @ the GSM numbers of your intending recipients before hand. We will then save the contacts in our platform awaiting instructions from you. This package is for the benefits of our clients that are too busy to send their bulk SMS or those that dont have a ready connection to the internet.

With this package your message would be delivered to your intending recipients within 1hr, of notifying us. Your privacy and confidentiality is well protected. You can read about our privacy policie here>>.

There is an extra - charge for this service. In addition to the cost of sending the SMS, an additional 30 SMS units would be subtracted from your account irrespective of how many recipients we are sending the SMS to.


20 free weekly SMS units to our customers

In a bid to reward our customers, we have introduced the 20 free weekly SMS units. To qualify for the 20 free weekly SMS units from us, you would be required to use up at least a thousand SMS units within the week. Keep sending your bulk SMS and enjoy the 20 free weekly SMS units while the offer lasts


Free SMS credit units for referring clients to us.

For every of your friends and colleague that you refer to our online bulk SMS platform, you would get 3% of their initial SMS credit unit purchase.So if your friend or colleague makes an initial purchase of say 1000 credit unit, 30 free sms would be transfered immediately to your account! ( This package is only valid for the first purchase your referal makes)

For any of our client to be eligible for our referal package, he or she must notify the person that is being refered to us to send us a mail containing the name and email address of the person that refered him/her to us, after making his/her first SMS unit purchase. This is an easy way to build and accumulate free tranferable SMS units in our BULKSMS platform while offer lasts

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Other features of Our bulk SMS platform!

>>bulk SMS Scheduler
>>Duplicate GSM number remover
>>Send SMS with a personalized sender's Name.
>>Bonus SMS Units

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